Android-TV dashboard App

Currently using an android-TV (NVIDIA Shield to be exact). Obviously there’s no main ewelink app in the TV version of android. A dashboard would seem perfect here, although I guess dashboards are more designed for touch screens.
It does however work fine on TV. Check it out with a chrome cast etc. Getting bored of trying to find an android-TV app that remembers passwords though and logging in each time.
Can you either suggest an android-TV browser that remembers passwords or just put a simplified version of the app on the android-TV playstore? The main app probably has too many functions to be easily made tv remote friendly but just a dashboard that remembers passwords…please.

We do did some research about the Android TV APP last year, but call of after some dig, because the Android OS in the TV are so diversity and the Brands always tailor the OS by their demands, all of this causes a lot of trouble for adaptation.

For password-keep browser on the TV, I have found yet, maybe share to you later if a catch one.

Was that research about using the full android App you have or just the cast?
I am currently using an open source browser called ‘TV Bro’. I can’t find anywhere to manage saved passwords though.
I assume there are requirements for using open-source code that would require you to open-source your code too but I suspect you could simply fork this code and add password/dashboard-URL without doing much extra. They have already done all the hard work in making it work on lots of TV types and I am guessing Android already has built in ‘secrets’ storage, like I’ve seen on other platforms.
There may even be a fork with saved passwords already. I am off to read GitHub now as I am having no luck.