Alexa by Node-RED with iHost

Hello guys,

It’s my first topic in this forum, please sorry me if i am making some mistakes about forum rules.

My main doubt it’s about configuration of alexa inside de Node-RED by iHost. I have everything configured and i’ve tried several ports, but when i put the IP to get the token, i can’t access nothing.
The node:
The error:

Someone could help me how to configure alexa server? or maybe i only need to do something to have the port accessible? Thanks in advance!

Thanks in advance!

I remember someone recommended this on our forum:
I haven’t try it yet, maybe you could have a try

I also have the same problem as my friend mario.rk with I managed to connect node red to Alexa but it’s not rewarding.
I also connected Echo Dot to Alexa with Matter protocol but only in Alexa I see iHost devices, not vice versa.
is there any news?
I’m a little disappointed with ihost in this respect