Add turn on Zigbee pairing to Node Red iHost

It’s a Pain in the Arse but you can get battery status sent to your mobile* but I can’t figure out anyway to turn on Zigbee Pairing without going to the machine to press the button and then running to the Zigbee device or using a computer and then running to the Zigbee device but you’ve already go lt the iHost set up in your Control Device node , but it only allows you to set Security State, volume and ringtone. If you added Zigbee pairing to that list it’d mean we could just activate it using an MQTT in node. Loads of free MQTT things for phones.
A formal mobile interface would be best but that’d be easy to implement for now. As someone who has spent hours copying and pasting all end device IDs into a switch node monitoring battery status is a pain.

*to see battery status
0) event state node for device battery

  1. Switch Node “matches refer”. Paste device ID, not friendly name.
  2. output is a string; convert to object with JSON node
  3. Change Node to set msg.payload to the value of payload.payload.battery.battery
  4. switch node to only pass low numbers (eg <30)
  5. send alert. I use pushover but you can also use Telegram.

The problem is you need to do that for each battery device