About timers failure

Timers normally execute even when network is cut off, as long as the device is still connected to a power supply. However, timers may not work on the following conditions.

  1. If the power outage happens exactly when the timer should execute, then this timer won’t work for this time. For instance, we set a timer that a device will turn on at 8:00 am. If there is a power outage at 8:00am, then this timer won’t execute after power restores.

  2. Inching function and interlock mode indirectly changes the status of a device, which in turn cause timers to malfunction. For example, we set an inching duration of 2 seconds and a schedule to turn on at 8:00 am on one device. In reality, the device will turn on at 8:00am and turn off by itself 2 seconds later due to inching is enabled.

  3. In rare cases, hardware defect will cause timers to malfunction. Please contact your seller for after-sales assistance.