To be able to move things around on a browser screen

It would be nice to be able to move things around on a IE browser screen as its very hard to have things in order. So a drag & drop of any switch.

Have you try the eWeLink web?

It’s easy to find the device on a big screen with Web browser.

Re-order or drag & drop feature will be full evaluated.

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Hi, i meant on this size screen. I have a few relays to control & the image only shows some. I need to add 4 more banks to this layout & it would be nice to have some order. If image not working, click on link


Hi, the image is clear,
Are you trying to display other devices on the ‘railway’ layout? if so, you can manage the devices position by ‘manage rooms’ in eWeLink App, the settings will be sync to the eWeLink web automatically.

Sorry, maybe i wasn’t clear. If you look at the image switches/point 34 are at the bottom & switches/points 78 are at the top making nothing in the right position. So it would be nice to click & drag points 12 to the top left & then points 34 to top middle so there could be some logic & sequence to the order of the switches that the end user would like.

Got it, let’s see how to optimize this.