The red dot in eWeLink Web

Does anyone know what the red dot next to the eWeLink CAST in eWeLinkWeb represents?

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that means eWeLink CAST is updated, eWeLink CAST has its own version number

But why does it display all the time if the update is already complete? Will it stop displaying?

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If you edit a dashboard, switch to the Settings tab, the red dot should disappear.
since there are some new options under the CAST Settings.

Thanks. I had not come across the need to visit Settings. Something like meddling with the screensaver in NSPanel Pro to update :slight_smile:

Red dots mean “something new”…

But for me they never disappear permanently… Just log out and delete cookies and when I log in again I see all the red dots again…

I can visit a section with a dot a million times and still see it the next time, even if nothing new has appeared in the system…

So the fact of visiting the section and marking this fact is based on cookies? It’s a bit weak imho.

@yitie @ward

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yes this info is stored locally, if you clear the caches, or login to another web browser, there will be red dots, but not if you only logout and login.