The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I look at the Rubik interface screens in NSPanel Pro and wonder if it has to be so ugly and impractical.

Is there really not a single graphic designer in the great city of Shenzhen with a population of 17.56 million who would design something even slightly better? Has anyone even tested this and tried using it? I don’t think so. If you are copycatting someone else’s work, do it using your wits.

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The magnetization is good for increasing readability, but it doesn’t seem to be organized very well.
The team is looking at how to optimize it.

Is that so? The layout is abysmal, difficult to grasp at first glance. The lettering lacks finesse, it is as if carved with an axe. The vertical tiles are useless because, apart from switches or lights, every other device looks illegible. BTW, you call it “magnetization”? :scream_cat:
You should add the option to use nicknames for devices added to screen tiles. Device names can be long and are therefore truncated. They can also be meaningless to outsiders. It is always better to have the label ‘Balcony’ on a tile instead of the boring SNZB-02P. It is not always possible to give an unambiguous device name especially when you have several devices of the same type or in the same room.