Spotify or other apps

I’m trying out CAST for my unused tablet which I want to use as an HMI for my lights and switches etc. I’m mounting it on the wall between the lounge and kitchen so it central to everything.
I have a Bluetooth connection to an amp in lounge so I can play Spotify from the same tablet.
It would be nice if I didn’t have to leave CAST and instead had a widget for Spotify like the calendar and weather?

The music widget is in our plans and we are exploring how to integrate it into cast.
may need some time.

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Would you please take a picture about the mounted tablet with CAST dashboard? how do you charging it?

I looked for a frame on AliExpress but didn’t see one I liked so I literally stuck it on with 2 small pads of 3M VHB tape.
Charging is just from a USB cable connection to a power socket with built in usb ports.
It’s probably not good for the battery but if I switch battery conservation mode on, it goes to sleep regularly and I have to log in , run chrome etc