Solar DC Power Monitoring and amps


Any ideas on monitoring DC for solar systems?

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That would be nice. Usually various inverters have different methods for data access. I have an E3DC system where I need a modbus adapter (which I have in iobroker). My neighbor has a Fronius system that has an integration in Home Assistant.
A native implementation in iHost would not be easy, but wouldn’t it be great if iHost was able to disply the current power.

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A device that can measure voltage and/or direct current (DC) and that integrates with the ewelink subsystem is something I really dream of having.

In my solar system off grid I now monitor all the AC power but the voltages of the batteries and the voltage of the panels I have no way to monitor. For me to know the voltage of my batteries I need to be looking at the camera for some voltmeters that I needed to install and to control which charges turn on or off I use some charge control platelets for batteries. Something very “Frankenstein” :sweat_smile: