Smart socket and transformer in one

I currently have to plug a 12V transformer into a Sonoff s26r2 which makes things bulky.
I’m looking for a smart socket and 12v transformer all in one.
Does anyone know if one is available please ?

What is this “transformer” supposed to be and used for?

Hi Jam.
Two of them are for LED strips and one is to run a small motor. I need 12V , 2 amp DC output.

I understand that the smart plug is designed to switch the LED and motor on and off together, yes? Is there any reason for the 12V power supply to connect to the mains via the plug? Do you have it in your bathroom or kitchen? I ask all this because there are hardly any ready-made smart plug solutions with a power supply. And one more thing. Is such your dream smart plug supposed to have a pass-through socket?

This is the setup i have at the moment in three different locations. I just want to make it smaller and tidier.