Part 1
How I flash iHost to Linux distribution:

Part 2
Linux distribution details

I found the Linux distribution online that ITEAD provided for some developers

Download it here: Google Drive Link

It also includes detailed documentation :


Version Informations

  • buildroot Version: 2022.02.6
  • kernel Version: 4.19.111
  • uboot Version: 2017.09

Firmware Compositions

  • Partition: bootloader( about 4M)、kernel( about 32M)、rootfs( It accounts for about 7.2G of the total size except for the bootloader and kernel)
  • Image Format: ext4(500M+)

Hardware specifications and drivers

Preinstalled software

Some reference for you to build your own linux distribution

Rockchip sdk Document:

(rockchip / docs · GitLab)

Rockchip Code:

Cross Compilation Tool Chain

1 - For uboot and kernel compilation:

(Linaro Releases)

2 - For buildroot and application compilation: (Arm GNU Toolchain | 8.3-2019.03 – Arm Developer)

Rockchip sdk Source Code

(The resources on GitLab have not been updated for a long time, but there are detailed documentation s and the burning tools)

Uboot: GitHub - rockchip-linux/u-boot: U-Boot tree for pending commits

Kernel: GitHub - rockchip-linux/kernel: BSP kernel source

Buildroot: rockchip / buildroot · GitLab

rockchip app: package/rockchip · rockchip/2018.02-rc3 · rockchip / buildroot · GitLab


Wow, this is great. Can’t wait to learn about the new possibilities this offers.

Thanks for your great work! Can’t wait to see running HAOS on it. Well done and thanks for your effort!!!

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Have you installed anything on the open iHost yet? I am also curious to find out if Home Assistant would run on it. And especially if you can access the local Zigbee setup.


I too am waiting for a demo on YouTube that would be great