Led flash roller door

I would like to have an LED flash before a roller door opens. Also before the roller door closes. Is possible with ewelink?

Hey, the scene flow should only work after something happened, not before.

I understand that, I can of course first flash an LED with a command and then open the roller door. But how can I make an LED flash for 20 seconds, for example 2 on and 4 seconds off?

Make a sub-scene for the light movement, select it multiple times with delay between them, you can then reuse it in other scenes/automations

How can I create a sub-scene? Can you give me an example?

It’s really a reasonable request, as are many warning lights
Roller shutter motors, such as garage doors, should be able to be used with lights/switches/light sockets, to form scenes that are linked to make the lights flash when the garage door opens/closes.

We previously implemented linking a camera to a motor-based device or switches so that the user could visually see the action brought about by the motor/switch, but really should have considered the need for a warning light.