iHost - Zemismart SPM01-D2TZ-ZM

Will Zemismart SPM01-D2TZ-ZM ZigBee MQTT energy sensor connect and work with iHost?

It should work if it uses standard zigbee standard, but that’s a Tuya…

Maybe the new Sonoff POWCT would meet your needs?

I don’t have space in my main electrical cabinet for the main unit (and I don’t mind having a display on the unit). That’s why I was looking for a more compact solution with a max power of more than 60A. BTW I need the sensor in the main electrical cabinet.

How long is the cable between the main unit and the sensor? Maybe I can put it inside the secondary electrical cabinet with the sensor in the main one. But I need at last 3 meters.

PS: maybe the easiest solution is to go with the Zemismart wifi one

I see.

Saw their people said there would be a big upgrade for Zigbee capability, maybe it would be supported in the upcoming version.