iHost Matter

I recently look at the specs of Matterbridge software and I find out a very interesting functionality. There is a main QR code to sync all devices and specific QR codes for each device or group. Can you please add this functionality to Matter under iHost?

At present I think it is just a matter bridge and they are adding matter hub features to it in the near future. Maybe this means they are already working on the feature you want.


I would assume you are asking for Matter Controller feature according to your description?

It might arrive latter this year after we have the big update ready for Zigbee compatibility and UI logic.

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Initially, ihost Matter HUB was to be launched in the first half of 2024.

TBH, I did not expect it would come that fast from them, their roadmap is already ambitious;

Some other brand devices I have like IKEA even took over a year to add the promised matter feature and now they only support light for matter bridge; another two months passed, and still no expansion for the feature. :expressionless: