IHost can’t currently cast TRV

I just got some Sonoff TRV. I like the cast feature, although limiting it to only 5 on the iHost seems a weird choice, but you can’t send TRV to cast. I would like to be able to control the TRV with my phone or iPad rather than just with my computer.
Had you spotted this omission and, if so, when is it being added to cast?

Also Cast can do most things but there really needs to be a way of turning on Zigbee pairing without a big screen or being next to the device. I’ve just spent ages running up and down stairs turning on Zigbee pairing on the iHost followed by the pairing on the radiator. Fine to do multiple devices if they’re different but when they’re the same…
Just send a pair Zigbee button to mobile phone or iPAD browsers. Not like you can navigate the main interface on a phone.

Also in Node Red on the iHost what do channel 1 and 2 on device event mean? And why can I not control the device with Node Red but can do some basic stuff on scenes? I’ve currently got a debug node on channel 1 and a different debug node on channel 2 and am seeing nothing.

Watching these debug nodes on channel 1 and 2 and the node Red debug nodes react to when I change the security setting in the cast interface. If I watch long enough I get temperature, thermostat mode and rssi on both channel 1 and channel 2, but I’ve deleted them now as it seems to be carrying other traffic.

Aswell as really, really needing to be able to trigger Zigbee pairing on the iHost using a small portable device we also really need a way to know about battery status without using a computer.
As well as a simple button to enable Zigbee pairing to be sent to mobile browsers you also need to send a list of low battery devices.

not in homebridge either. I thought maybe I could control them that way. If anyone has a suggestion of how to control the TRV on iHost with a phone?