How to localize ihost cast?

How to localize ihost cast? In which file?

To access “i-HOST cast” in your LAN you must write in your window browser this:


(before replace X.X.X.X with your iHost’s IP address)


telepin meant CAST in any language other than Chinese or English :smile:

I will not be surprised to learn that eWeLink did not anticipate the need to localise the CAST interface. They will probably reply that this will be available in the future.

I am a volunteer who collaborates in the translations of Catalan and Spanish for the i-HOST, but I can only translate when the base infrastructure is ready to start translating. In the case of I-HOST CAST, I currently can’t do anything. Recently I am helping to translate the eWeLINk WEB into Spanish.


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Who can say, how to localize? In which file?
Localize not ewelink cast, ihost cast!

It’s not currently in the custom language packs, we’ll evaluate the complexity and workload of this section.

@telepin Didn’t I tell you? :rofl:

Great thanks Adolfo,
the language key value of the CAST on the iHost is not packed as the same way as the base infrastructure, may be it can be integrated or can’t be, evaluation time needed.

There are lots of requests in the next 2-3 updates, a big improvement is loading the tiles based-on the capabilities of the devices reported, and plan to lauch devices supported, add-on optimizion, integration of new branch of Matter, etc.

OK. I will wait for the next updates. I am here to lend a hand when possible.

Greetings Yitie

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