Delayed off

I am using scenes to switch landing lights on a multi storey staircase on resp. off.

I can’t find a program point to use a delayed off.

E. g. If light on floor A is on, floors B, C, D… are on too and the same for off.

What I am looking for is a timer.
If light on Floor A is on, floors B, C, D… are on too, all are off after e.g. 15min.

Thank you for your reply.

My eWeLink app looks different.

However I think I found a way yo solve the problem.


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On Jan 13, 2024, at 23:07, Morgan McGillin via eWeLink Forum

Because I showed it based on ewelink web, paid version of the plan, but the same can be set in the application - the principle is the same. :slight_smile:

Of course, if I understood correctly your need… When all the lights are ON at the same time, turn them all off after 15 minutes.

Why two scenes?

ON/OFF function separation.