Camera quality improvement

hello I would welcome to the camera turning off the IR led light and turning off the sounds when turning on the electricity or WiFi …I use as a babysitter

It may not be possible to cancel the startup prompt, but it should be possible to turn off the IR LED - it will not be able to use in the dark after turning off the IR LED

thank you for answer what else needs to be done to zoom in on the object or divide the camera into sectors that could only be guarded

very goog idea

We will try to update the zoom feature in the future :grinning:

I have learn the same needs on Facebook follower‘s feedback,
I think there maybe the other service we offered may meet your needs, have you try eWeLink camera APP for baby monitoring? it’s a APP that use your old Android phones as IP camera, NO led lights, NO beep sounds, easy to use and quietly.
free to let me know if any issue or idea

You can open the camera, unplugging the speaker’s wire

I use a product known as Blue Iris to monitor all of my cameras at the same time. One of the features I discovered by accident is that by using the roller button on my mouse, I can zoom in on a picture. You have to set up RTSP on the camera, but beyond that, it works great.

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Haha, this is really a DIY😂