Bug in Cast dashboard

Please see photo. My phone (iPhone) says the current temperature is -2°C.

Just checked the BBC weather. It also says it is -2°C

And I just checked the location. It says Islington and I am on the border of Islington/Haringey (London) councils so this would seem best.

Found the website for the weather api. There is an Islington in Jamaica but that is 29°C so obviously not that one.

did you select a location on the settings page (eWeLink web-Cast) ?

Yes I double checked I did not forget. It is set to ‘Islington’, which is a part of London I live on the edge of. If you look at the photo I think it even says Islington. There is an Islington in Jamaica but it was 29°C, so no chance it could be that.

Checked photo. I cropped it out but the dashboard does say Islington next to a Google maps style pin icon.

Edited to add: I checked on my iPad and there is a number. Previously it was Microsoft Edge running on Windows 11.

Just tried it and had the same problem as you, we’ll look into it, thank you for the feedback

I had the same problem yesterday, now it’s fine, but the scenes run slowly (30-90 seconds) from the android app, the windows web interface and the cast. The problem could be with ewelink web…

0° temperature caused this problem, will be fixed soon.
do you mean the manual scenes have a delay when you click on them?

Yes… tap and wait :slight_smile: