Zigbee sensors, triger but apear as off line in the app

My zigbee sensors never worked properly
I have the latest hub with the latest firmware, my hub stays as online but all the sensors connected to him are always offline, they triger notifications and scenes but they stay as offline

I am getting something like that , as well but not for all sensors ( 1 ZB Door Sensor and 1 ZB Movement sensor ) among most of them working properly.
They seem to be sleeping , AND they don’t appear to be connected in the Ewelink appli.

When activated , they are working and then, they can be seen as connected.

The question is : why this behaviour for 2 of them ? ( Ihave 4 more working properly)

Mine don’t sy online at all, always offline, but they work

Even restarting the hub, before the firmware update they willl go online for some hours and then get offline, but now nothing puts them online even restarting the hub

Me too. I had ver 1 of the Zigbee hub. And I complained often enough and long enough that they sent me the new Zigbee ver 2 hub. Made no difference. Sonoff sensor are terrible. They simply are not reliable. Want them to work. I have 50+ other Sonoff wifi switches and wall switches. Love them. but the sensors are terrible.