Time zones in list form

An idea for timelzones in the scene sunrise/sunset area would be to have a list form in order of timezones.

We would find this helpful because currently I set scenes to other time zones so devices turn on mid morning and off early afternoon, I do this because currently you can only go 30mins either way of sunrise/ sunset. However as the sun moves the Timezone selected creeps out of sync with the Timezone I’m in and I need to adjust what time zone it’s set to, which currently im having to research what the abutting Timezone is. If it was in a drop down list we could just select the next Timezone. Easy! Orrr…. Make the sunrise/sunset before/after time hours and also minutes
Hope this makes sense.

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How long would you like to set the sunrise/sunset before/after periods? Maybe one hour or two hours?

Personally I need at least 4 hours.
Today in Melbourne Australia, sunrise was at 7:09am. The sun doesn’t hit my solar panels till about 10am and it’s only going to get longer as we head into winter. So 4 should cover it.
But who knows what other countries closer to the poles or equator would need.


Thanks for the explanation. We will take notice of it.