Software and Hardware improvements

I use about 50 devices on the app and with the app and alexa I control 20-25 devices from other manufacturers. The situation for me has become chaotic. That’s why I have to propose some improvements for better management and appearance of the devices.
(Apply/Show Tiles in the app In the preview showing all devices)
Light switches etc. With ON the whole tile should change color and not just the top right corner that has the sliding switch.
Add more icons, eg padlocks, locks, laptops, chandeliers, swimming pools, gardens, flowers, etc. to help us to make more specialized matching.
Tile Colors
Allow us to choose the color of each tile when it is ON or OFF
Door/Window Sensors.
Have separate icons for doors and windows.
Change their appearance to open close so that they also change color like the lights when they are on or off.
In the logs of the devices when they are activated by a certain scene, show the name of the scene that activated the device for better control and problem solving.
Humidity sensors and devices
They are changeable and can be affected by external factors (a window that was opened or a drizzle light rain that fell, etc.) and finally a scene that has been created to work at a certain time and humidity may not work when it normally should. I give an example. eg in a watering system that should work at 19.00h with a soil moisture less of 30% it does not work because just before that time it rained for a while and the soil moisture changed to 33% for few minutes. It would be more reliable to have a function that measures the average humidity values for eg 6 hours so that the measurement is more objective in relation to the conditions and the actual watering needs.
4ch relay
While it is possible to display the connected devices in independent tiles, in the application every time you select a channel from the home screen, all channels are displayed on the following screen. This should change because, for example, channel one can be a light-lamp in the living room, channel two can be some kind of door automation, channel three can be some kind of irrigation, etc. Sometimes they are not related to each other and in addition they can also serve different areas of the house but appear together. This is a problem. Also in the cast, all 4 of these switches appear together.
IR Blaster
A successful ecosystem needs an IR Blaster for controlling TVs, air conditioners, etc. Instead of investing resources in similar devices, e.g. Bridge, Bridge ZB, Bridge ZB Pro, Bridge RF, iHost, etc., the gap should have been filled before these with the production of an IR Blaster.
Led strip controller
They exist on the market from other manufacturers and work with their own different applications. I believe that as a switch or relay is produced, a 100-200watt controller could be produced to control RGBW LED strips and in the application have a color and brightness controller. These led strips produced by sonoff have a limited length compared to other led strips that cover, for example, 4 walls, a total of 25 meters.


Hey thx for your suggestions,

I have forwarded your ideas to our team.