SNZB-06P and his Radar signal

At home I have a MESH network with all FRITTZBOX devices. Always worked very well-

For a few days now, my son, who is connected via WIFI with a FRITZBOX Repeater, has noticed frequent interruptions in the WIFI signal.From the system event log of my FRITZBOX, I noticed frequent interruptions in the WIFI service with its REPATER (I have three more in more distant rooms).

Because with the DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) function, the FRITZBox continuously searches for privileged users (primary users) in the 5 GHz Wi-Fi network on the radio channels used by the FRITZBOX and if the FRITZBOX finds traces of signals from privileged users (primary users, in Europe are, for example, the radar systems of air traffic control, military and meteorological services), it cuts off the WIFI.

My FRITZBOX frequently sensed the presence of a RADAR signal. I had recently installed an SNZB-06P for some smart routines.

I removed the SNZB-06P and the interruptions are gone. The frequency of the radar signal was between 6.250 and 6.350 GHz, close to the working frequency of the SNZB-06P (6.8 GHz).

With my report I would just like to pass on my experience to someone who could deepen the technical discourse having the skills. I am a doctor and I know that a single clinical case does not make science. It is not the individual doctor who discovers a cure, but the cure is discovered by researchers based on the experiences of doctors.

So here’s my experience. Thank you

06P operates in the ISM frequency band 5.725 - 5.875 GHz, so there would be interference with the 5GHz Wi-Fi signal.

You can try to switch your wifi channel and see if the issue could be solved.