SNZB-04 zigbee door sensors going offline

Hello, I have a few SNZB-04 door sensors, two connected to a zigbee pro bridge and one to a normal zigbee bridge. They all keep going offline after deleting and adding again.

The sensor is still powered and operating because I can see the red light flash when the magnet is moved.

I’ve tried bringing the sensor right next to the bridge and also tried removing and putting back in the battery.

Only way to get it back online is to delete it and re add it…. But it only stays on for a few days and then it goes offline again.

Any ideas?

Hi there, would you please send the device ID?

Hi Stephen,

The device ID is a44000fe7f


Hi there
I have exactly same problems with several dw2 wifi sensores. And some old Relais
I have discussed that with sonoff there is en isue with networking protecol
I can instsll sendor without any problems but as soon its finished it vent offline…
Br erik

One of device id is 10015c9ad5
Br erik

Any luck with working out what’s going on Stephen?
They still won’t stay online.

Is this a Sonoff problem or to do with Ewelink?


You there Steve?

They still won’t stay online. Can you provide any feedback what so ever? Will the issue be fixed? Or do I need to come up with another solution?

The device IDs now are

Hi there, based on the device logs, the device’s offline times seem to be decreasing over the past two days. It should work out well.

I have feedback on your issue to the tech engineer, I think it will take some time to locate it. I will get back to you once there is an update to you.

Hi Stephen,

The device offline times are decreasing because I can’t be bothered continuously re adding them, every, single, day. Instead I’ve been re adding them once a week to see if whatever the issue is has been resolved.

Thanks for passing it on, I can’t imagine I’m the only person with this issue.

Just so you know It’s only the sonoff zigbee door sensors that go offline, I have several sonoff Zigbee motion sensors, a temperature and humidity sensors and a wireless switch, All stay online with no issues.

Thanks for getting back to me.
I look forward to hearing from you, hopefully with some good news the issue has been resolved!