Scenes trigger having only a single appearance of the same device

When setting up a scene, in the triggers section, the same device can appear only once but in the case of IF type “any condition is met” have multiple states of the same device.

E.g. I want to stop motor blinds after 20 seconds regardless if they are going up or down. With the current app version, I would need to create two separate scenes one for up, and the second for down.

This would be an awesome addition to the Scenes - Complex conditions configuration - #3 by nescha, if it will ever get implemented.

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Yes, or if i want the device to delay n number of seconds before it goes on or off when back online.
Or many other reasons. IScenes must include the same device in the then secrion

Since the one of the latest releases (4.24.0. or 4.26.0.) there exists the possibility to have the same device multiple times in THEN section and having that same device in the IF section - but only once.

I would like in IF section to have the same device multiple times.