👨‍💻‍【Release Note】What's new in eWeLink CUBE V2.0

error : MQTT broker connection parameter error, please check and re-enter


After updating to 1.8 I don’t see anymore the NSPanel.
It’s shown as offline, but I see it in the eWelink app.
Previously it worked well.

Did something broke?

Please try to refresh the device list of eWeLink Smart Home Addon and then re-sync the device again.

I had to remove the addon, login and then resync, that did the trick.

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Hi all. Any plans / dates/ features for the future release that you might be able to share with us?

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A new version would be released in the mid of each month except for the case if there is a long holiday. :wink: So the new firmware of this month will come soon!

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How can we use the ‘Add-on supported mounting and accessing USB serial devices’ to add a USB Dongle Plus-P to Home Assistant running in Docker ?


Is 1.9 rolled out worldwide yet?
My iHost still states 1.8, latest version in the eWelink app and in the WebUI


unplug ihost from the socket for 5 minutes and plug it back in.
update should appear. helped me

Thanks, but it is on a remote location.
I will try remote reboot

Did not work ;-(

Patience did the trick :wink:

V1.10.0 (2023.09.13)
eWeLink add-on now allows to add SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro’s sub-devices to iHost.

  • We still need to wait for ZBBridge Pro firmware update with LAN control mode for this to work right?
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sorry this feature was delayed, may be released in next version.

Thanks Teki, will wait for the update.

it is possible for you to create a kind of API tile in the cast environment (just like weather API) that you can adjust yourself. A bare tile, where you can enter a self-entered API into the cast environment. I would like to show my Solaredge in the cast environment using an API, but that is not possible at the moment

V1.6.2 (2023.05.26)

New features


Bug fixes

  • Fixed the delay issue of smart scenes.

I think the bug is back, because when I use a button to activate a scene, it takes about 12 seconds to execute.

hi, please submit the system logs via the Feedback button in the settings page of iHost, and let me know the ticket ID, we’ll look into the issue, thank you.

I sent back to Amazon a zigbee smart plug because it often disconnected from iHost and I deleted it from its controlled devices.
Why do I find it in the Unassigne Devices list every time I restart the iHost?

This behavior started to occur here when I installed firmware version 1.10.1. All my Aqara door/window sensors that were working perfectly stopped working. After that I lost all hope and credibility in iHost.

Ad Hock impressions after updating iHost (1.11.0) and ewelink Smart Home (1.4.0):

  1. Devices connected to Sonoff ZB Bridge Pro have become available on iHost.
  2. Sonoff MINIR4M devices (in the version of ewelink Smart Home before the update, they could not synchronize) are now not there at all.
  3. Thermostatic radiator valves and Sonoff SNZB-02P, which are connected via NSPanel Pro, are still unavailable to me (Not yet supported). Apparently it is missing that update Paral-sync.
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