👨‍💻‍【Release Note】What's new in eWeLink CUBE V2.0

I still have the version
1.13.4 and no newer update is offered to me.

Hi, Robert.
Please send us your iHost device id and eWeLink account.


ID iHost: 1001e7a94f


"Hi everyone, I’ve updated to version .14… I tried again with the Tapo Model c200 camera but still, with RTSP, the screen that appears is the one published below.

I try the same RTSP path with VLC and it works perfectly.

Do you have any ideas??


I think people have lost interest in this product. Developers as well, nothing concrete in these updates. The ZigBee map is equally vague and flawed. Sonoff B02-B bulbs are not yet compatible, DW-WI-FI-L does not indicate correct battery level or appear offline in iHost but appear online in ewelink.
The developers said that there will be a major update for March-April. May ends and still nothing concrete. So much concentration on Matter and they forgot about the rest of the problems and the roadmap.
Node-Red has very large capabilities, but they are very limited by the “node-red-contrib-ewelink-cube” plugin. For example, you cannot set a smart bulb to light up 65% via msg.payload… etc…
Updating ZigBee devices is not possible with iHost, you stay with factory firmware…
Unfortunately, the competition is advancing very quickly and from ewelink are falling in the market to the point where it will be irrelevant to continue…


I’ve got two redundant iHosts… I keep watching in anticipation that a stable product with helpful features will be released but I remain disappointed. I just want a refund and my money back but they just ignore those requests.


Matter Bridge supports curtain motors now. (Please complete the motor calibration before setting the open percentage)

¿How do i calibrate curtain motors? I don’t see any option to calibrate it on iHost or Google Home.


if your curtain motors for example connected with dual R3 at ewelink app , from the setting of the device you will be able to make calibrate as i know

All my devices are Zigbee. For curtain i dont use sonoff ones as they don’t have an equivalent to dual r3 with Zigbee.

I would love to stick to Zigbee devices to keep all the network isolated from wifi. Its not my own network and i want to keep it simple and isolated so a non technical person can keep it working (any change on the wifi would make all the devices stop working and need to be reconfigurated).

which zigbee device are you using for curtain motor ? is it connected with ihost or nspanel or other bridge ?

Im using QS-Zigbee-S10-C04 (one of those Tuya Zigbee modules) connected to iHost. I would not mind to change to another Zigbee device if i can make it work.

im not sure if this going to help but i suggest you to get tuya hub and add your device to the tuya hub then make calibration , after that choose disconnect from tuya hub (dont choose wipe data) , then try to pair it with ewelink and see if that helps

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i think this note for dual R3 wifi , we need ewelink to reply us to know

You could use the 2 channel Eachen Zigbee Smart relays to drive curtain motors. Those relays come in 1,2 or 4 channels version. The one channel is used typically for garage door or electrical / magnetic door lock, 2 channel for curtain motors and the 4channels for watering applications. All outputs have Normal Open / Normal close relays so that extend their capabilities.

Hope this helps.

Ok. This works.

I had already tried this but i forced the device into pairing mode without deleting. That was resetting the calibration.

Now (after reading your reply) i tried to delete the device and it just enters into pairing mode without doing nothing. Then i just searched for devices on ihost and got it working with the calibration done in HASS with Zigbee2mqtt.

Not the cleanest solution, but it works.

Thanks a lot @tammeryousef

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Those modules look cool for profesional solutions (ill keep them in mind).

But for home solutions i prefer something smaller, already “packaged” and with straight integration in google home (obvious commands).

glad it helped

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Hi, at the moment i’m just using ihost for “fun” since it dosent seem (to me) a valid alternative to my actual setup. here my questions: will it recive the matter hub update anytime soon? is it the software still in developement?
thank you for your hard work. best regards

hi @salvo80 , do you have also the nspanel pro ?

i know why are you asking :slight_smile: … no, i dont. also in my mind i’d like to use ihost to rule them all (zigbee and others) ;-), no meaning in using/buying multiple hub/bridge just like im doing now. thk