👨‍💻‍【Release Note】What's new in eWeLink CUBE V1.14.0

I still have the version
1.13.4 and no newer update is offered to me.

Hi, Robert.
Please send us your iHost device id and eWeLink account.


ID iHost: 1001e7a94f


"Hi everyone, I’ve updated to version .14… I tried again with the Tapo Model c200 camera but still, with RTSP, the screen that appears is the one published below.

I try the same RTSP path with VLC and it works perfectly.

Do you have any ideas??


I think people have lost interest in this product. Developers as well, nothing concrete in these updates. The ZigBee map is equally vague and flawed. Sonoff B02-B bulbs are not yet compatible, DW-WI-FI-L does not indicate correct battery level or appear offline in iHost but appear online in ewelink.
The developers said that there will be a major update for March-April. May ends and still nothing concrete. So much concentration on Matter and they forgot about the rest of the problems and the roadmap.
Node-Red has very large capabilities, but they are very limited by the “node-red-contrib-ewelink-cube” plugin. For example, you cannot set a smart bulb to light up 65% via msg.payload… etc…
Updating ZigBee devices is not possible with iHost, you stay with factory firmware…
Unfortunately, the competition is advancing very quickly and from ewelink are falling in the market to the point where it will be irrelevant to continue…


I’ve got two redundant iHosts… I keep watching in anticipation that a stable product with helpful features will be released but I remain disappointed. I just want a refund and my money back but they just ignore those requests.