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Good morning
“alexa → matter bridge > IHOST” problem

I configure Alexa by going from “Matter bridge” and Alexa sees all the devices not with the description entered in IHOST but as “first socket” “second socket” “third socket” and so on.

So I have to rename all the devices in Alexa so that they are identifiable for example: “first socket” in Living Room.

The problem is when IHOST is turned off or the electricity goes out and in Alexa it randomly recharges all the devices by putting “second socket” in the living room for example.

I have to waste 20 minutes every time to update everything, this mode is absurd.

There is a solution ??

I’m also having problem with Sonoff MINIR4M after the update.
It appears as unavailable in ihost but works perfectly in ewelink app.
I deleted the device from ihost and realized that it does not show up in ewelink addon.
I tried to logoff/login, reboot, but nothing seems to make the device show up again.

I reproduced the situations you have described. The name change in Alexa did not happen. All the names I gave were retained. I guess you are unlucky or I am lucky :slight_smile:
I also noticed that the names of mapped devices connected to iHost as Matter hub are not mapped. I wrote about this earlier. Perhaps the assigned names are not being passed through iHost. I think the CUBE team will look into this soon. Perhaps the problem is on the Alexa side. Anyway, this feature is currently in its experimental phase and let’s focus on the overall functionality. And it’s pretty good, isn’t it? As the developers mention in the notes, “the available features/functions of the devices depend on the Matter-supported platforms and the adaptation progress of the Matter protocol from CSA”.

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Hello, I noticed these options:


So, I wanted to try connecting a TAPO-200 camera using the RTSP stream right away.

I entered the following command:


But what appears is unfortunately only this.

a real shame

I’ve tried a Calex outdoor cam (O1-TY-EU-NL). it have rtsp. Same gray window… :smiley:

This is debatable. They aren’t an option for the dashboards. they have limited functionality in scenes and in Node Red there are zero output options and the only available triggers are temperature, manual/auto/off setting, battery and RSSI. Given there’s no way to see or change then remotely on anything less than a big screen I wouldn’t have said they were supported. The lacking scenes and Node Red support could be added later but there being no way to control them without a computer is definitely wrong.
Also what on earth are channel one and channel 2 in node Red and why can I see the security status changes of my iHost in the output of the TRV?

Maybe this site could be of some use to you? There are different brands of cameras there.

if you scroll down, you will find different brands
Sometimes it has to be placed differently than indicated in the ihost.

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It will be optimized in the next following update.

I just received this but can’t see the message on my feedback to reply to
“ Now the TRVZB can support iHost, but could not support iHost cast, it may support it soon, please kindly wait.”
That is dishonest. Not being able to control the device when attached to an iHost using a phone or tablet is not compatible with saying it is supported. At most you could say it is partially supported as only if you log in using a specific device type is it possible to control the valves and the automatic scene or Node Red functionality is very very basic. Essentially you can connect the device but you can’t see or do anything to them using most of the devices you might connect to the iHost with and you can hardly use them in scenes. There should at-least be a way of controlling the TRV that doesn’t involve going downstairs, turning on the main computer, logging in and logging onto the iHost. Is the idea we walk round with a laptop in case we want to adjust our valves? Given how weak the scenes involving them are too it’s something like 35% compatibility between iHost and TRV. How could anyone recommend the TRV to iHost owners now? When it was said they were compatible at the very least I thought that meant they’d appear on iHost Cast so there was some way of controlling them from here. I kinda assumed the Scenes and Node Red would be lacking but they’re completely invisible to this device.

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What you’ve mentioned is indeed part of our development roadmap.

In this scenario, we’ve prioritized releasing an update focusing on the essential functionality of TRV, enabling users to utilize its core features initially. Support for CAST and other features will be gradually integrated into subsequent updates.

Given the extensive workload involved in connecting and supporting numerous endpoints, achieving compatibility will naturally require a phased approach, thus consuming time.

Alternatively, we could opt for a comprehensive update ensuring full support and compatibility. However, this approach would extend the release timeline considerably. Striking a balance between these options is crucial.

Thanks for your understanding.

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SNZB-03 not execute the scene if the scene is on iHost and device is on Zigbee Bridge Pro or NSPanel PRO!

Update 1.12.0 corrected the problem related to changing the IF function from Any conditionin met to All condition is met :).
Due to the problem with the automatic change of the IF function, I moved a SNZB-01 and a SNZB-03 (Motion Sensor) to Zigbee Bridge Pro. Initially, I wanted to test if the 1.12.0 update corrected the problem related to the IF function, without moving the devices, but I found that if the scene is on iHost, SNZB-03 DOESN’T EXECUTE THE SCENE!
I also tried the version in which SNZB-03 is added to a NSPanel PRO and the scene is on iHost, but SNZB-03 does not execute the scene.
SNZB-03 executes the scene on iHost only if the device is added to iHost. The button, SNZB-01 works no matter where it is added.
I assume that the motion sensor should execute the scene on the iHost no matter where it is added (Zigbee Bridge Pro, NSPanel PRO or iHost).

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Being able to set the target temperature with a mobile or tablet is a “core feature”. If you’re going to make the main web page not navigable for phones/tablets then the iHost dashboard becomes a core feature. Or you could change the iHost webpage to make it navigable on a phone/tablet.


After upgrading to version 1.12.0, a problem with scenes became apparent again. Interestingly, only scenes with motion sensors stopped working. Remedy: open (edit) the scene in question and save. That is, as with version 1.11.0.
After upgrading to 1.12.0, the flags for all scenes set for me with the parameter “any condition is met”.
In addition to this, moving Matter support from the pilot option to the official option meant that Alexa had to be reconfigured to sort out the newly created mess. Alexa reported that a new Matter hub has been added. Hopefully, future updates won’t mess things up again.
Update All Matter devices are gone in Alexa. Now adding iHost as a Matter hub to Alexa or Google Home is not possible.

BTW: Did you notice that the new firmware button (check) is gone from /#/setting?

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change your password on the ewelink website

They have finally given a fixed id (mac) to almost all objects (this is not the case for thermometers). Well done


I have posted this into another thread, but might be better answered here:

Is it possible to get iHost Matter bridge paired with 2 different Alexa Apps (2 différents Alexa accounts)?

I’ve successfully paired iHost on my wife’s Alexa (iPhone) through her Amazon Echo Pop. This way she can control (within Alexa App) all the Zigbee Light Switches that are linked to the iHost and bridged to Alexa.

I’d like to do the same on my personal Alexa Account, but I can’t. The Matter Tab in the iHost menu does not provide me a QR code for pairing anymore. If I want to get a QR code, I need to remove the current Alexa already paired/declared in the iHost. But then my wife loses all controls over the zigbee switches.

I also tried to get a numeric code, from my wife’s Alexa iHost paired entry (inside her Alexa App), and enter it manually while trying to add a new device within my Alexa App, but it does not work

Would anyone have a clue on how to do this? (if it’s possible?)?

but has version 1.12.0 been released? My ihost says it is updated to the latest version but it is 1.11.1. What do I have to do?

Another question: in previous versions of CUBE the Lidl’s zigbee power strip (Livarno Home) worked perfectly, but from version 1.11.0 and 1.11.1 it is recognized as a different device and cannot be controlled.
Do you know if the problem has been resolved in this update?

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Please send us system logs through the iHost feedback portal

No, thanks!
I gave up using iHost.
What could not be solved in 9 months probably won’t be solved in 9 years either.
Continued success!


hi, have you tried to remove them and add them again to see if they work?