【Release Note】What's new in eWeLink CUBE V1.12.0

Thankyou all I was afraid to do that but is what worked.
Now the TF card is seen, the docker is OK, the addons are there.
So far so god!

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Noted, thank you for the suggestions.

Some comments on version 1.6.0:

  1. The handling of daylight saving time works correctly. It’s automatic, but wouldn’t it be useful to add an option to manually correct the time and/or disable the change to daylight saving time? May help sometime.
  2. Pilot feature works and recognises unsupported devices. This is an add-on and as such should be visible somewhere in the menu. It is not. Therefore, it is difficult to see if it is active and it is not clear how to disable it if there are problems with detection.
  3. When an unsupported device is recognised and added to the list, Zigbee map generation does not work. It starts but does not finish and the process freezes.
  4. The link to the List of devices supported by Zigbee2CUBE only showed once, on the first attempt. If I hadn’t noted the URL, I wouldn’t have known how to find it. Please add the link permanently. Is this list updated regularly?

You guys are doing a good job. Thanks :sunglasses:

Updated to v1.6.0 and I am having SD card issue. Was working fine previously. Format, erase, restart etc. have tried every possible ways I can think of. Everytime is formated it work, however once I do a reboot, issue will occur.

I did several reboots with three different cards. No issues noted.

I agree with @jam3 about his bullet 1. For me the automatic Daylight Savings Time is very useful, but in some cases you might want to control it manually.
Most operating systems have a seperate checkbox for this. A ticked box means Daylight Savings Time is automatically applied when the DST period is ongoing and unticked means DST won’t be applied at all.

Hi jam3,
Than you for the feedback.

  1. we’re considering about adding the manual option, maybe in the future version.
  2. the Zigbee2CUBE is a feature under pilot features menu, here you can enable/disable it:
  3. We have not received such feedback, I will feedback to the dev&test team
  4. The link is permanent, you can see it in the picture above, do you mean your link disappear?

Hello, please download and submit the system logs on the system settings page, and specify your TF card model.

Thanks for commenting.

The Zigbee2CUBE showed up briefly after the initial launch. It then disappeared. Hence my question about the controllability of this add-on and the link to the device list page. After another rebooting it showed up in the location you indicated. It now sits where it should be, along with the link. Sorry for the confusion. Must have been some glitch in the interface.
I’ve noticed that with version 1.6.0 the response time to button presses has increased noticeably. When I press SNZB-01, lights (both Zigbee and WiFi) come on after ~3 seconds. I have several of these switches and it is the same with each one. The eWeLink remotes (R5) work unchanged and almost immediately. Interestingly, when you turn on the same lights in the iHost interface, the response is instant. Please see what is happening. BTW, enabling or disabling the Zigbee2CUBE add-on has no effect on this push button delay.


This seems to be Node-red issue, whatever device you install it on, its default timezone is UTC, unless you edit its configuration files. the easiest but not elegant way is to set the automation in UTC ± your timezone.

Hi jam3

Please try it again and send the system logs via the Feedback on settings page.

I’ve noticed that with version 1.6.0 the response time to button presses has increased noticeably. When I press SNZB-01, lights (both Zigbee and WiFi) come on after ~3 seconds.

We’ll run some tests to check.

I can confirm this issue. Yesterday I noticed the linked scenes which should fire an alarmsound on the iHost did start late or not even at all multiple times. I only have one SNZB-01 linked. My other Zigbee devices are not linked to the iHost.

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System log sent via Feedback tool in iHost, as requested.

Yet another small
Screenshot 2023-05-15 145741
bug - a truncated text. See the attached picture.

I can also confirm that scenes done in iHost have significant delays after 1.6.0 update. Same scenario as described, lights react to pressed ZigBee button late. It has to be an issue with the scenes inside iHost, as if I listen to state in node-red the messages are coming in quickly and can trigger things faster.

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I have also noticed this problem with my iHost after the update. I’m experiencing significant delays in scenes, just as described earlier. It seems to be an issue with scenes within iHost, as other interactions with device states are fast. I hope this issue gets addressed in future updates

Sent the logs and and SD card to support. Upgraded to 1.6.1 but still the same issue. On 1.6.0, if I reboot with the card and reinsert after it is booted, I am still able to run the docker images. Now on 1.6.1, the workaround dont seem to work any more.

Let’s continue the Zigbee compatibility discussion in this thread

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V1.6.2 (2023.05.26)

New features

  • We’ve added a volume management feature on Docker, now you can create or delete volumes, as well as specify a volume for an add-on before running it.

  • Now you can configure environment variables, commands, and volume parameters for add on before running it.


  • Now you can check your password on the login page by clicking the display button.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the delay issue of smart scenes.
  • Fix the problem that zigbee map cannot be displayed after adding some third-party zigbee devices.

Known issue

  • There is a bug in the current version, when you create a scene, if you set the scene timed hour=7h later, minutes=minutes of the current time, the scene will trigger immediately, for example, current time 00:15, set time 07:15 will trigger the scene immediately, please avoid this in this version. We’ll fix this bug as soon as possible.

Docker volume management is a major step. It is no shell access, but might open new opportunities. I still have the hope of being able to run Home Assistant on the iHost. Well, let’s see…

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Is the Zigbee2CUBE pilot feature updated separately or together with the eWeLink CUBE system? How often will updates be released?