【Release Note】What's new in eWeLink CUBE V1.10.0

error : MQTT broker connection parameter error, please check and re-enter


After updating to 1.8 I don’t see anymore the NSPanel.
It’s shown as offline, but I see it in the eWelink app.
Previously it worked well.

Did something broke?

Please try to refresh the device list of eWeLink Smart Home Addon and then re-sync the device again.

I had to remove the addon, login and then resync, that did the trick.

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Hi all. Any plans / dates/ features for the future release that you might be able to share with us?

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A new version would be released in the mid of each month except for the case if there is a long holiday. :wink: So the new firmware of this month will come soon!

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How can we use the ‘Add-on supported mounting and accessing USB serial devices’ to add a USB Dongle Plus-P to Home Assistant running in Docker ?


Is 1.9 rolled out worldwide yet?
My iHost still states 1.8, latest version in the eWelink app and in the WebUI


unplug ihost from the socket for 5 minutes and plug it back in.
update should appear. helped me

Thanks, but it is on a remote location.
I will try remote reboot

Did not work ;-(

Patience did the trick :wink:

V1.10.0 (2023.09.13)
eWeLink add-on now allows to add SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro’s sub-devices to iHost.

  • We still need to wait for ZBBridge Pro firmware update with LAN control mode for this to work right?
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sorry this feature was delayed, may be released in next version.

Thanks Teki, will wait for the update.