Preventive action for Dual R3 switch

I have installed a dual R3 switch for the main Entrance which is backed by a swing wood door. The space between the roll-up door (the one has the smart switch ) and wooden door is around 10 cm. Is there a way to prevent the roll-up door from taking actions or orders when the wooden door is open? So we don’t have a miss.

The question is more of a mechanical and/or carpentry nature. I would remove the swing doors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a more serious note, think about some kind of disconnector that reacts to the swinging door opening. Perhaps the SNZB-04 opening sensor would be suitable for this? For this, you would need to create a scene with a tripping condition for the roll-up door automation.

Thanks Jam for the Reply,
I did try that with making an automatic scene of when door is opened stop the Dual R3.

And I can’t remove the Swing Door :exploding_head: it is the main entrance for the shop.