Nspanel Pro MATTER HUB

Hello. Do you use nspanel pro as Hub Matter?
What are your opinions.
I have added matter devices to Nspanel pro (v. 2.4).
( 2pcs - Meross MSS315 and 2pcs - MINIR4M).
My nspanel pro restarts itself several times a day or freezes completely and I have to unplug the power to restart it. Do you also have such problems? I wrote to support, but they don’t respond.

Is no one using nspanel pro as Hub Matter?


I have one on my desk using it with iHost’s Matter bridge, no big issue so far.

Can you message me your ticket number?

feedback 202037

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Our colleague from customer service department have raise the ticket to develop team for further investigation, let me follow up how’s going.

There is also a problem with doubling devices. Problem reported (id:200390). When adding Matter Bridge ihost to npanel pro the devices were mirrored. They cannot be deleted from the eWeLink application. You can remove unavailable, duplicate matter bridge devices from ewelink cloud.

I also have a Matter bulb but I can’t add it to NSPANEL PRO. There is an error when adding.