Ihost keeps disconnecting

The device cannot stay connected, tried reboot, different cables. It happens since eWeLink CUBE Version 1.14.0 update.

I have never encountered an issue like this, but I can guess that some other devices are trying to use the same IP address. My advice is to use IP reservation to avoid these issues. It seems like the problem is with your own network.

The IP is asigned via reserved DHCP server on mac adress; from time to time it gets connection and quickly lost it.

try to investigate more on your network , try testing with another router

No, the issue isn’t with my network as many devices are connected and functioning correctly; the problem lies in the behavior of IHost.

try to reset your network so devices gets new IP if you don’t have much assigned IP devices , I got over than 60 wifi devices and ihost never get disconnected , having a faulty ihost is very little chance

what web browser do you use?
restart your browser and restart your device.

resetting doesn’t solve the problem

the browser used are edge and chrome

Please open a ticket on the WebUI if possible, attaching the log downloaded from the settings tab.

If you are having trouble submitting it from webui, can also drop the log here. I will have our dev look at it.

Thx in advance.