Functionality for pools/hottubs. Special solution

Hi, I have a company that manufactures temperature control systems for outdoor hottub/spa´s. The last 4 years we have been building these systems with a smart relay from Sonoff first we used BasicR2 and tha last 2 years we have been using DUALR3 and Lite. Probably bought around 2-300 units by now :slight_smile: Our customers can there fore turn on their systems with eWelink remotely. This was a breakthrough 3-4 years ago, now it´s just standard. People have been asking alot about changing temperature with their phone too. We have tried out numerous systems, for example we have tried GRENTON and Termogea

Grenton is not very good at this and the system will be very expensive as it is intended for complete home automation with limited programing for us, Termogea does this quite well and actually programmed a special version for us but the system is laggy and quite Italian and hard to understand.

As for now we have a system from Termogea up and running, we are using their system witch is based on Raspberry Pi and IO unit. The IO unit gives us inputs for 2 temp sensors and an 0-10v output for our 24V motor that is on top of a regular water mixer. With this system we are able to control water temp. But just like Grenton this system has quite a high price as it costs over $1200 just for us to buy and then we need some extra work to make it functional with our system.

My question to you guys is do you have any intentions of making a 0-10v controller?
I have tried using the DUALR3 module and set it to motor with the function “Dual momentary switch” on a 3 way motorized 230v water valve.
I aslo connected you temp switch TH10/16
Is there any way for me to use these components along with the NSPanel to make a system were you can set the temp and by doing so having 2 temp sensors (1 on the water source just after the mixer and one in the hottub itself) Temp one will send feedback and then DUALR3 will adjust the % on the motor for the valve to add more hot water or cold water to the mix. I tried to make a thermostat for the NSPanel but it will only let me open or close the motor, it wont let me open half or a specific %.

The second temp sensor will monitor the actual temp in the hottub itself, as water will cool on it´s way to the tub and also cool over time being outside. Witch leads me to next question, when the water cools could that sensor tell the valve to open and heat it up again until it reaches the desired temp?

We really want to find a good solution to this, please if you have any ideas or special whitelabel programs with special programming or solutions let me know :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Here i‘d like loop @Daniel_Zhan from SONOFF team to evaluate this case.