eWeLink Web 3.5 Update on June 20 - Desktop Notifications available

your new dashboard is good looking… but needs several improvements… ( the below suggestion is for both new dashboard as well as for your casting dashboard too.)

  1. You need to give the options to Switch ON/OFF without opening the switch… its good in your present dashboard.
  2. switches like POWR2 needs full information of Voltage/watt/current. also please more details if possible without opening the switch.
  3. You can plan to display the upgrade option if new available.
  4. dark mode is required.
  5. Option to upload custom photo for HOME as well as Switch will be attractive, but again its up-to you, based on your server storage capacity. (you can make it easy by giving the option to add the pic URL instead of upload. which wont burden your server storage capacity.)

I will suggest more if this post gets any reply.


Smart socket with power measurement. Displayed: consumed energy for today; consumed energy per month; consumption schedule for the month. When another month is selected, the graph is redrawn, but the amount of energy consumed for the selected month is not displayed, it would be logical to show this value. In addition, the price for the used energy is missing (the price is entered and correctly displayed in the appropriate place).

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I was passing by. I have a GK-200MP2-B in my system, with which I seem to work normally both from the mobile application and through the web … I can even show pictures if you need

Can we have multiple enable and disable times for the motion sensors when arranging Scenes? for instance areas in a house when it is darker than other areas, so the sensor can be programmed for different times. At the moment it is only possible to have one time.
Also can the ON time duration of a switch be set when activated by a sensor?


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Possibilità di collegare una scena in base alla posizione GPS

  • List of Connected Services in settings, was also thinking some API Key section to manage keys for direct interaction with the eWeLink platform, rather than using my user/pass in Node-RED.

  • Ability to indefinitely store historical data. If you report it from device regularly (like hourly or minute-by-minute temp/power) then I want that, saved for more than the device can hold, ideally until the end of time (what’s a few meg/gig between friends…you could always delete it if people stop paying for advanced plan)

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What proposals are taken into account and implemented?


Good morning,
New eWeLink Web 3.0 beta2 multiplied icons of the devices in the room. In the picture you can see room where I have 3 devices but eWeLink Web 3.0 beta2 shows 11.

Turkish language option should be added :slight_smile:
and and and
Can we create a scenario for the people we share devices with in the phone application?

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Hi there, could you please send me the eWeLink account you logged into the WEB V3.0 Beta 2 through a private message?

I would like you to consider the possibility of adding the column “MAC address of the device” in the information about the device in the section “Firmware update”.

One more note regarding the “Firmware update” section. For devices connected via NSPanel Pro, the Frimwere name is displayed, not the device type.

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Don’t forget :slight_smile: to fully translate the “Logs View” device.

On 智能场景 18:54:46

Off Device 23:16:20

eWeLink CAST has appeared. When switching the device, the event is written in the protocol as “login” - identically, if I switched from a smartphone. Is it possible to somehow separate the events - which are from CAST and which are from the smartphone?
And also consider the possibility of writing the name of the scene that caused the event instead of “Smart scene started”?

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智能场景 = Smart scene

It would also be appropriate to add the IP address of the device there … I noticed that the MAC displayed through the program does not correspond to what is registered on the router

I still want Ukrainian, it’s probably not a priority task for the developers :slight_smile:

Nice project. The first priority, scenes. When will it starting to work in 3.0?

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Poderia ter mais variedades nas medições que o gráfico gera por exemplo tem 30 em 30 minutos ou de 15 em 15.

Poderia ter mais variedades nas medições que o gráfico gera, por exemplo tem 30 em 30 minutos ou de 15 em 15.

We use eWelink to track electricity consumption across air conditioners in rental properties. We have about 40 units at the moment. It takes forever to get the consumption data from each and every unit, even on the new web interface. Please put together a better consumption summary across all POWR2 meters, as well as a way to download a file that includes all of the daily consumption across all meters in an account.
Our sister company, which has 400 units, is really interested as well but hesitating because of the lack of automation.