eWeLink Web 3.5 Update on June 20 - Desktop Notifications available


eWeLink Web 3.0 has been released, some features are under development. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment here.

Se ha lanzado eWeLink Web 3.0, algunas funciones están en desarrollo. Si tiene alguna sugerencia, no dude en dejar un comentario aquí.

O eWeLink Web 3.0 foi lançado, alguns recursos estão em desenvolvimento.Se você tiver alguma sugestão, sinta-se à vontade para deixar um comentário aqui.


Release Note

V3.5.0 [2024.06.20]

New Features and Issues Fix

● More device types, especially the newly launched products, are supported by eWeLink WEB!

● Improve scene capabilities. More device types, especially new launches, can be added as triggers or actions.

● Now you can enable Push Notifications to the desktop for some security-related devices.

● Updates for CAST

  • New widget “Scene Logs” is available, displaying the last 30 logs.
  • New Extended layout allows you to place more tiles in a row.
  • New feature Custom Background allows you to use images as backgrounds.
  • Now you can create up to 10 CAST Dashboards.
  • Clock widget now supports switching between 12h and 24h.

● Dark Mode is further optimized.

● Fixed some known issues.

V3.4.0 [2024.05.16]
New Features and Issues Fix
● More device types, especially the newly launched products, are supported by eWeLink WEB!
● Improve scene capabilities. More device types, especially new launches, can be added as trigger or action.
● Energy Dashboard is available, providing a visualized overview of electricity consumption.
● Now you can check associated scenes on a device’s settings page.
● Dark Mode is further optimised.
● Fixed some known issues.

V3.3.2 [2024.04.22]
Now supporting more languages: Italian and Russian.

V3.3 [2024.04.01]

  • Early access to Dark mode in the beta stage.

  • More device types, especially newly launched products, are now available on the eWeLink WEB!

  • Improve scene capabilities, more device types, especially new launches, can be added to trigger or action.

  • Fixed some known issues

  • eWeLink CAST has been updated to V2.9

V3.2.0 [2024.03.04]

1.More Zigbee devices supported

  • Zigbee Wireless button
  • Zigbee Motion sensor
  • Zigbee Door/Window sensor
  • Zigbee Water leak sensor
  • Zigbee Thermostatic Radiator Valve

2.Now you can switch the login method by switching the tab on login page.
3.Checking the release notes on login page is available.
4.eWeLink CAST updated to V2.8
5.Fixed some known issues.

V3.1.0 [2024.01.15]

[New Features]

  • More device types are supported now.

  • Creating scenes with more device types is supported now.

  • CAST dashboards now support drag-and-drop sorting.

  • Firmware Upgrade module supports filtering devices by online and/or offline status.


  • Fixed some known issues.


[New Features]

  • More device types are supported now.

  • Creating scenes with more device types is supported now.

  • Viewing Scene Logs is supported now.

  • Adjusting the size of tiles for sensors is supported for creating a more customized CAST dashboard.


  • Fixed some known issues.

Beta History

V3.0 Beta3 [2023.11.09]

[New Features]

  • Added Scene tab for easy scene management.

  • Support pushing device operation notifications to the desktop through web browser.


  • Optimized user experience.

  • Fixed some compatibility issues.

V3.0 Beta2 [2023.09.19]

[New Features]

  • Added CAST configuration entry to customize your CAST dashboards.

  • Added Firmware Upgrade module, supports batch firmware upgrades and device information download.

  • Support for viewing device historical data.


  • Optimized user experience

  • Fixed some known issues

V3.0 Beta1 [2023.08.17]

The eWeLink web welcomes its 3.0 upgrade, rejuvenating and bringing a fresh visual interactive experience.

  • Added support for quick login through QR code scanning using the eWeLink App

  • Effortlessly control over 100 eWeLink devices

  • Further enhanced stability and compatibility


Please, Dark Mode !

  1. Dark theme, but the setting does not disappear after logging out.
  2. Possibility of controlling from the dashbord, not entering the device and looking for a switch. It has to be fast to be useful.
  3. Charts in history for all devices (well, except for the camera).
  4. Normal login, why this country code?

I suggest that the “Devices list” be implemented, as it is in version 2, because it gives the user all the necessary information about the devices in one place.


Looking good - clearly you are aligning with the iHost user interface look and feel. Three suggestions:

  1. Control switches directly from the dashboard, instead of needing to go one level in. If possible, show all switches for multi-channel units like the POWR2, like you have in V2.25
  2. Display current power and voltage values for metering switches like POWR2/3 and for temp sensors TH16 R2/3
  3. I liked the highlighted / yellow “on” indicator - in version 2.25 you used a lightning bolt… It stands out nicely when you have many switches and you want to quickly scan the dashboard (I control more than 60 switches)

Dark mode is a must!!!

the new look horrible and al the displays in my house - i can use for lightning the rooms now

No use without the dark mode - who had this bad idea to cancel the dark mode??


In Home mode the color of ON/Off don’t flash enouth, difficult to se status

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Fahrenheit (F°) for temperatures
Dark mode
other user specified locations like garage, bathroom and multiple user named locations like “Master Bedroom”, “Master bath” “Johns bedroom” etc


Consider the possibility of a better view on a mobile phone. When I say that, I think that the device icons should be a little smaller and that at least two can be seen in one row.




I want to see scene notifications based on date and time from the web page.
For example:
Such as lamp or socket opening and closing time
Informing of network error.

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  1. Dark Mode
  2. Add ability to do Drag & Drop so that devices can be rearranged and/or moved easily to different rooms or groups
  3. Make values bigger (ie. Temp/Humidity values) in the dashboard
  4. Display power gauges for POW devices (ie. Watts, Voltage, Amps, and kWh.) on the main dashboard

TBH, I still like the old UI better for three reasons:

  1. There’s a lot more information available for each device at-a-glance from the main dashboard
  2. It gives you the ability to turn on/off the device from the main dashboard
  3. It has Dark Mode

It would be useful to adjust the placement of elements on the screen (as it is done in the mobile application).
I didn’t understand: I click on the camera - a window opens at the bottom right, what is it for if I press the “Enter>” button and an almost similar one opens plus a “gear” for viewing parameters. And … if the user has already tapped on the camera, he can immediately start it in viewing mode, is this the most common reason for clicking on the object?

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If the outlet is not used every day, ugly dots are drawn instead of the graphic

Add a trigger with temperature and humidity of the user’s location

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This not progress. Now we have to click one more for every device we want to switch. I stick with version 2.


era super importante que as cenas ficassem ativas, tenho alguns shotcuts que deixaram de funcionar e estou com a conta advanced ativa

it was super important that the scenes were active, I have all the shotcuts that stopped working and I have the advanced account active

In the mobile application, I set the images from the list to the devices, how easy is it to display them in the web application as well?

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What is the added value in V3?
Never change a winning team, keep V2 or let one choose please, I love it.


What kind of a advancement is this version where it is STILL NOT POSSIBLE TO HANDLE THE GK-200MP2-B CAMERAS?

¿Que clase de avance es esta versión en la que SIGUE SIN SER POSIBLE MANEJAR LAS CÁMARAS GK-200MP2-B?

Well you made me pay for nothing ! Your web app does not work at all, none of my things are working ! Everything that works on my phone is labeled “not supported now” in the web app ! This is a total scam. Not happy at all.