eWeLink Web 3.3 Update on April 1 - Dark Mode supported

Tailscale is good, but it’s a pity they don’t let the TailScale work as an ‘exit node’. With Home Assistant you can join the network and choose to advertise it as an exit node, then for instance you can go for a coffee and send all traffic encrypted over the private Tailnet VPN. It would be good if you could also do this with the iHost. Not entirely sure why there is the difference. Not everyone has an alternative always on device at home.

I think Sonoff will develop the iHost with future enhancements. I’ve tried to stick with standard firmware on the devices and use regular scene types. For me being able to access the iHost remotley with Tailscale is ok but I would prefer to be able to see and adjust the iHost connected Zigbee devices in the eWeLink phone app.

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Let’s move to the original topic,

V3.3 has released on [2024.04.01]

· Early access to Dark mode in the beta stage.

· More device types, especially newly launched products, are now available on the eWeLink WEB!

· Improve scene capabilities, more device types, especially new launches, can be added to trigger or action.

· Fixed some known issues

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