eWeLink Web 3.0 - suggestions

It’s a pity that more people don’t raise the issue with V3 and there was time to do so before they closed V2. v3 was available for quite a long time as an option under a separate url and I don’t think anyone tested it…

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I must agree with the comments majority because V2 was overall better than current version.


Please increase the voluntary pairing between Web and iHost. Using the Node Red Docker you can send webhooks to the Web and in reverse, but it’s all a bit stupid doing this.

I like the fact that you can’t accidentally turn off the device by clicking on the icon. I accidentally turned off the POW, which is the main power switch of the summer house, and I had to drive a few kilometers to turn it on. Now in such switches I set the loop to 30 minutes ON so that in such a case it will turn on itself :slight_smile:

It’s terrible, total misunderstanding, where old version, where dark stile, where dashboard informative. That’s not what I paid for :frowning:

Why is the type of device not displayed for devices connected via NSPanel Pro, but only the firmware label?!? I think we should work it out!

hi thank you for the feedback, we’ll do some check.

Why we no longer are able to see the voltage and power of each device in the main web dashboard in this new release? what does this release brought in terms of features to the users? it does not make sense to just see the devices name. please reactivate the voltage and power interfaces for each device. Thanks

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Colocar novamente as medições de corrente, tensão e potência elétrica.

Colocar novamente as medições de corrente, tensão e potência elétrica.
Poder ajustar os tempos de medição de temperatura.
Modo escuro.

@morgan with respect, although I share the frustration, I do not think your comment is fair or accurate. Many users started commenting and providing feedback soon after the V3 Beta was released. I am one of those that far prefer the V2 user experience, and I provided feedback to the development team through multiple channels. We may well criticise the process of “forcing” a new platform and user experience on the user in this way, and I am again in agreement that frequently I have the feeling that we, as users, are actually trouble-shooting products that should have a better quality assurance and testing process behind it. We must however continue to provide feedback in a constructive manner - our own personal likes/dislikes might not receive the priority we think it should, but my experience has been that the eWeLink team is serious about improving the product. This I experienced personally with repeated interactions regarding problems on the iHost - most of which have been resolved between V1.3 and the current V1.11 and the various releases of the eWeLink add-on. Yes, we can criticise many things but let us do so in good faith and constructively towards a better and more usable product for our collective benefit. Apologies for picking on your specific comment - it is actually about our approach when participating on forums such as these.


I’m using a tablet as a dashboard with ewelinc Cast. Everything is great! But we know that it is not good for the battery to be charging 100% of the time (after a while the batteries tend to inflate like a balloon).
For that I want to buy a “USB Smart Adapter” from Sonoff, but it seems illogical to me that I cannot create a scene directly from ewelink that activates charging when the tablet is at X% battery. I know I can use IFTTT, but why?

I am also very much looking forward to the Spanish language.

Are you talking about CAST app? Because with the CAST version in the browser it would be problematic to implement battery monitoring in the tablet.

You can’t do it in the app because no one has implemented this option in the app, unfortunately. :slight_smile:

Another option is… for example, we will use Sonoff S26R2 to which the tablet charger is connected. Of course, S26R2 must have power for itself at all times and be connected to the network.

In ewelink web you create a scene, set the webhook as “If”, then set the S26R2 device and ON in “Then”, save…

On your tablet (Do you have Android?), you install macrodroid and create a macro, set the power/battery level as a trigger, set http call as an action and provide the url to the webhook from ewelink web.

This way, when the battery level drops below the defined level, a webhook will be executed, which will then launch S26R2 and the tablet will start charging.

But this option should exist in the eWeLink app and CAST app, and I totally agree with that!

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Yes, there are many methods to do it, but since Sonoff has its own USB adapter, it is incredible that we have to use a third-party app for something so simple.

Unfortunately, this is the situation and it is unlikely to change. The only thing a person can do is move away from Sonoff devices or switch to another ecosystem.

In general, the lack of this and a few other functions is annoying… As you say, they offer a DC adapter, but also Micro, not to mention many other models that could use it. :slight_smile:

Very helpful instructions Morgan. I was wondering the same.
Will give it a shot as well. Appreciate it.

Hi @morgan @dgg006
I completely understand your concern about keeping the tablet plugged in and charging for extended periods being bad for the battery. In the latest eWeLink App v5.1, there is now the ability to set triggers for the CAST panel based on battery percentage - specifically to trigger actions when below 20% or above 80%. You can use this to achieve the effect of “when the tablet drops below 20% battery, start charging.”

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WTF! Why hadn’t I seen it before?

I apologize if this new feature in version 5.1 was not made clear to users previously. We should have communicated its addition better. The option to set battery percentage triggers for CAST panels can be easy to overlook if you’re not aware it was just recently added. We will highlight latest features like this more prominently in future updates.


Since we have you here for a moment, I will mention other things.

CAST version in the browser, Android 7.1, Fennec F-Droid 120.0.0 browser, The website loads as mobile, the problem is with updating the switch status.

Sonoff Micro with inching enabled, started manually by clicking CAST, then the Micro will turn itself off after some time, but in CAST it is still visible as ON and despite the passage of time, its status does not update, it remains visible as ON even though it is physically OFF.

This occurs only on the mobile version of the website. If we switch to the desktop site in Fennec, the device status refreshes correctly, just like on the PC.

You can see that this is clearly a problem with the mobile version of the CAST website.

I have one more problem with CAST, but I don’t know if this thread will be the right one to discuss.

Android 8.1 Go, CAST app, latest version, from google play store.
The application loaded for the first time and allowed me to select local/cloud and log in to my account, but later only a white screen and nothing appears, the tab on the left is available and can be expanded, but nothing else happens. Restarting the application ends with a hang and the CAST screen/logo is displayed and it does not load any further.