♨ eWeLink CAST Updates: Version 2.5 - NSPanel Pro supported

I agree here, it would be nice to tie the intercom to a switch… use it as an intercom - and be able to trigger a gate to open etc

it would also be nice to be able to mute the audio in ewelink web - since that seems to feed through by default…

casting screen should show real time power consumption reading, that will be the best casting if u implement.

missing features…

1.Real time monitoring (power, voltage & current) for POWR3 on browser
2. New Web is worst than old one, please give option to go back to older version.
3. I have paid for the premium web access mainly to watch consumption on real-time, now their is no point of paying and getting the web access it seems.

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It would be nice to add a 24-hour option to the time.

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Aswell as cast being sized for phone and tablets you should also do the same for watches.

I like the watch app on EWeLink but there is no way to Cast to a watch. It’s a good idea. I’ve tried the inbuilt Safari on my Apple Watch 4 larger size and 2 apps called Parrity/μBrowser but the phone cast does not work at all on my watch. The inbuilt Safari is a pain because you have to email or sms the link to yourself. I like μBrowser because you can save/edit bookmarks on your phone. Unfortunately there is no TailScale app for watches so it’d be limited to local. Maybe then the Parrity App as it uses the phone and just displays what it says. I’d bet that if you joined the Tailnet VPN and then browsed to the iHost cast page it’d work. Plus it’s free. Or maybe you know a watch app that works with Cast?

I don’t know if the watch can run such applications… but have you tried using an application instead of CAST in your browser?

Thanks, unfortunately the comparability is listed as iPads running iOS 12 or later or Macs with an M1 chip or later, although the description text mentions ‘smartphone’ so maybe it could at least run on my phone if they told Apple. Then a phone app might be quite near. It’s quite common for websites to have mobile versions- I was guessing they could have a watch version of their website easier but maybe this would be easier still. It is a bit of a pain opening the built in safari as you have to email or text the address to yourself and then open the link on your watch. I’m also not clear if that works on the iHost - I assumed it didn’t but will try it later. It is the iHost where watch control could be most useful, as the main interface isn’t even usable on phones or tablets. The cast interface negates most of the problems encountered, although some such as, Zigbee pairing, would be helpful so you don’t need to run back and forth to the computer from sensors or listen out for a ping.

Personally, I’m not a fan of having so many functions on the watch, but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

What features do you need from CAST/eWelink to be available on the watch?
Maybe it would be possible to implement some webhooks shortcuts in the watch or something…

I have an indoor cycle and so don’t have my phone. Being able to turn on fans etc. is useful. Most important would be to turn on fans and a dehumidifier. The fans are wifi so I’d imagine are accessible to Apple Shortcuts but the dehumidifier is local Zigbee and can’t be seen externally.
Also being able to check that doors are shut etc. would be useful (also local Zigbee) as phones are in pockets.
Maybe I need to investigate HomeBridge and Apple Home further but it just seems really cluttered at the moment.