♨ eWeLink CAST Updates: Version 2.5 - NSPanel Pro supported

It’s not easy to sort a list like this, because there’s hundreds OEM using eWeLink solutions to make devices with their brand :joy:

Think you right, but how about Sonoff and Smartwise compatible devices list?

Huge works too :joy:, but we will try to sort it, start with SONOFF’s.

Hi good day. Would it be possible to add device support for tuya smart systems? Such as the BNETA bulbs. I am using the smartlife app to control them. I also use google home.

It would be a great help if i could control them with my sonoff NSpanel, the same way philips hue can be controlled


Hi, is there any way to configure a cast with devices in read-only mode ? like a way to see the devices but not change the running state direct on device. only trougth the scenes if configured ?

Hi. I have added 6 ZBMINI-L switches. But they are not showing up in eWeLink Cast. Am I doing something wrong or zigbee switches are not supported yet?

yes, will be supported soon, maybe next version.


Hello, I wanted to know if and when the Woolley SA-029 sockets will be recognized by both Cast, because currently I can’t add them. Thank you

do they show in eWeLink app? and what zigbee bridge do you use? please let me know the device id which can be found in device page-upper right settings menu

Hi thanks for your reply, I use the ZBBridge-P while the device is identified:
ID: a480545b1
Nome FW SN-CC2652P-SW01

Hello, now the socket I mentioned is recognized by Cast, thanks again, you were great.

ok thank you for the feedback

Drag & drop in the preview, place tiles anywhere you’d like! :heart:

When will the SNZB-02D be integrated . Thank you

Expected in next one or two updates, pre-study need to be done about the protocol of this new-released device.

Thank You!!!


1.Now you can add a time widget to your dashboard. ( a larger size will be available in next update )

2.The text widget now supports two sizes, the larger size can be used as a to-do list and you can switch the size on the settings page.

3.Temp.&Humid. sensors with screens like SNZB-02D are supported now.

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hello, in the current version you can’t see the decimal digit, you will be able to see it in the next version, hello and thanks