♨ eWeLink Cast Updates: Version 2.2 - Time Widget available

Hi, decimal digit for which device?

In the cast version, with any browser, using windows 10, I only see the digit without decimals

There are two parts to consider when not displaying decimals,
1, The device does not support decimal precision,
2. Tiles are too small to show it.

I think it may also depend on the fact that the font inside the box where the temperature is read is too large, let’s hope that the complete data will come out in the next version, moreover it would also be interesting if it came out, at least in the web version, the battery charge percentage. Thanks again and good job

It would be great to be able to add my own HTML in a box - such as the surf forecast or weather forcast for the week (weather doesn’t support my city Playa Grande, Costa Rica).

Idear received, let’s chech what we can do.