♨ eWeLink CAST Updates: V2.8 on March 5 - Zigbee Thermostatic Radiator Valve and lot of new devices supported

Hi, decimal digit for which device?

In the cast version, with any browser, using windows 10, I only see the digit without decimals

There are two parts to consider when not displaying decimals,
1, The device does not support decimal precision,
2. Tiles are too small to show it.

I think it may also depend on the fact that the font inside the box where the temperature is read is too large, let’s hope that the complete data will come out in the next version, moreover it would also be interesting if it came out, at least in the web version, the battery charge percentage. Thanks again and good job

It would be great to be able to add my own HTML in a box - such as the surf forecast or weather forcast for the week (weather doesn’t support my city Playa Grande, Costa Rica).

Idear received, let’s chech what we can do.

Seems eWeLink released a new update, no release news found yet.

V2.3 (2023.6.1)

  1. The following tiles support switching between the two sizes: clock, weather, calendar, single channel switch/plug.
  2. Weather icons optimized.
  3. Temperature now shows one decimal on preview page.

Image: on the preview page, click the size icon bottom right to switch between sizes.

Try the new version and create your unique CAST dashboard!

eWeLink web: https://web.ewelink.cc/

eWeLink Cast: https://cast.ewelink.cc/

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Hey, guys,
The CAST App for Android tablet is here eWeLink CAST App is available!, please have a try and let us know how’s going.

I subscribed to the ewelink cast plan, and downloaded the app cast, but I don’t understand how to connect to the program? I can’t get past the QR code.

hi, please check here: eWeLink CAST App Guide

thanks for the hint. but here’s the problem. I don’t need a tablet for my life and it’s not advisable to buy it only for cast. I am trying to install app ewelink cast on my phone. I want to try using cast in this way, since it’s also not very convenient through the browser. The idea itself is very good, much more convenient than through the ewelink app. but the downside is that everything is done through the browser. The development of the app ewelink cast is another big plus, but it is a minus that it is aimed primarily at the tablet. It would be nice if they took into account the option for smartphones. Actually, due to the fact that I use the phone, I can not enter the program. due to the difference in the display between the phone and the tablet, there is no link on the screen to enter your data, and I did not understand how to use the qr code. ewelink version is latest.

Hi, I’m sorry that it is not adapted to the mobile phones for the time being, the QR code may not be fully displayed on the mobile phones, we will consider adaptation and optimization.

For scanning the QR code to log in, it requires the eWeLink App version to be higher than 4.33. The eWeLink App V4.33 has been submitted to Google Play Store. Please note that the update may not be immediately visible to everyone at this point, as Google releases the update gradually. iOS users can expect to access the update by the end of June.

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I hope the [ewelink cast app] can have settings to prevent accidental touches (for example, requiring a confirmation button to be pressed before operating after a standby period of more than 3 minutes). I also hope it can force the display of the cast app interface and prohibit users from exiting the app or logging out of their accounts (requiring a password). This would be useful for Android tablets or Android TVs used as fixed control panels.

Thank you.

Is there any way to edit tempurature/humidité auto mode on webcast (cast tablet)

Haven’t plan for this, the CAST is designed for simple control cases.

Please add the ability to scale the device window itself in the Ewelink cast app. At the moment, everything on the tablet is displayed too large and in order to find the desired device, you need to scroll up or down a lot. Too few devices fit in the viewing window.

May i know the model of the table?

xiaomi pad 5
too much free space at the top and sides. It could be used for more devices displayed. I repeat. Screen scaling (decrease) to display more tiles, so as not to scroll up and down for a long time, would be very useful !!!

This is how my devices are displayed on the phone from the browser and it is much more convenient than in the app cast.