♨ eWeLink CAST Updates: V2.11 on June 20 - Extended layout supported!

Yes now it’s V1.3, the new version V1.4 will be released on early december


I have recently installed the new TH20 Elite with temperature and humidity sensors but it doesn’t appear as a device in my cast dashboard?? It operates just fine through so I don’t think it’s a connection issue


The TH elite will be supported in next version, may release in early December

Support dual r3 lite

All my scenes are gone since update. Can they be retrieved ?

It’s OK!!!

Now I can use it in Scenes web ewelink page as you said.

Thank you very much!!! This is a great solution.

DUAL R3 lite will be supported soon

It’s a bug under fixing, planned finished in two days, no setting or change needed of user’s side.

May be if in eWelink web it would be a list of supported Sonoff devices it would be helpfull and this list to be updated at new version release.

I think we can do that, sort of a list of supported devices and working on, this should be fully transparency to our users.
@StephenJ please make this happen.

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hola me gustaría saber si solo admite dispositivos de sonoff?

También si las automatizaciones de alexa o google home se podrán integrar a este plan para aprovechar dispositivos de otras marcas?

hola no me aparecen mis escenas

Hello. I use Sonoff Pow R3 16. It would be great if i could watch power metering in cast view.

support Sonoff & other eWeLink supported devices (with eWeLink badge)
doesn’t support automations of third-party
only manual scenes (tap to perform) can be displayed and controled from the cast dashboard

The problem is that i can see it in ewelink web but not in cast

por alguna razón las escenas que creo en ewelink no me aparecen? que podría estar pasando?

solo se admiten escenas manuales (toque para realizar)

hello, what’s the model number of this device?

Noted, we’ll consider adding this feature in the future