♨ eWeLink CAST Updates: V2.10 on May 16 - more Mattter devices supported

The device status is not updated if the “app cast” is in sleep state - it switches to the clock screensaver. If the “cast” panel is awakened, the status changes almost instantly.
There are no problems with the network. The wifi signal is good and stable.


Copy, I have duplicated the issue, and the team will fix it in the next release planned by the end of May, thank you for point it out.

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having a reset button is half the battle. It is necessary that the page itself restarts when the cast is awakened, in order to minimize the number of manual manipulations. Thanks for the quick response!!!

Great update, it will be faster to access the amenities, groups

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We aimed to fix it with a better way, which is the CAST devices will call the server positively and get the status synced in seconds when it’s awakened, we do have thought to put a refresh/reload button somewhere on the page honestly, but, it’s not elegant and natural, so we put the idea on side unless it’s the only way after we tried.

Alternatively, you can reload the cast by swiping down, as is done, for example, in the google chrome browser to refresh the page

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