♨ eWeLink Cast Updates: non-VIP users can now create & view dashboards

Yeessssss thank you, now is perfetto!

Thank you for the suggestions, we are working on the Cameras. will consider the group feature.

About the sharing, I suggest to login with your account then give the tablet to your families, as long as they don’t logout manually, the page will always be logged in even if you close the page and re-open. you can login up to 5 devices. If you don’t want kids to switch to other dashboards, try to set PIN code to encrypt the dashboard.

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My opinion, you need to make at least 7 or better 30day sensors history reading chart and this history data need to be easy downloaded as Excel file for keeping record.
CO2 and soil moisture sensors with same reading history would be very, very nice to have.

May i know which CO2 and soil moisture sensors are you using? ecommerce buy link will be much appreciated.

I’m not using CO2 and moisture sensors, but I will soon. I’m giving you an idea what will be good to have in your app and new product. You asked for ideas, right?

I removed 5 out of 5 extensions in Microsoft Edge and added them back one by one hoping to find out which one it was. It worked at every step. I even now have all 5 working simultaneously. No idea why it didn’t work. Will try Firefox and Chrome later.

yes thank you for the ideas :grinning:

Idears and which brand\model CO2 and moisture sensors you using, thanks in advance.

Thx, this is a great first step.
Would it also be possible to have more control with regard to the placement of the items on the dashboard?
It now automatically just fills the 1st row with the first 4 items I place, where I would e.g. like 1 item on 1st row and 3 items on 2nd row (For example: 1st row: Kitchenlights, 2nd row multiple lamps in livingroom)

Tiles now autofill to 6 per row, we’ll consider optimize the layout.

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It would be great to add the ability to show a selected dashboard by default when landing on the cast webpage (ie instead of having to choose each time we open the URL).

if you visit the url cast.ewelink.cc/#/control-panel , it should be the one you visited last time

Indeed, but it has to be the same session/browser/user agent (I don’t know exactly on what criteria it is set up).
If I log out, I have to log again (of course), but eWeLink Cast shows then an empty dashboard.
It is not exactly the same as setting up a default dashboard. It’s not very critical, you have for sure more important things to add, it was just a suggestion (a checkbox to “make this dashboard the default” for example :slight_smile: ).
Thanks for your answer anyway :+1:

hi everyone, from Italy, I start by saying that I really like cat’s style, I would like to propose a small change, vertical viewing on the phone is perfect, six panels per line are excellent, while on the tablet there is a lot of space left and right , it would be nice to optimize the display horizontally …
I’d like to give you another suggestion, sorry if I’m too picky, but it’s too good to have cast… the suggestion would be to be able to color the bottom of the tile on event. Let me explain, I would like the temperature and humidity tile to turn red, perhaps flashing, if the humidity is too high, this is nice to have immediate information in a visual way…
sorry again for so many questions

Hi, thank you for the ideas. There may be some problems with the layout on some devices now, we will continue to update it to make it more perfect.

Hi, in terms of optimising UI, any plans to have bigger font for temperature and humidity sensors (like to use 4 slots intead of one)? It would be great to see tempersture from larger distance in leaving room.

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Thank you for your suggestion, we will take it into consideration

Merry christmass from italy!!!

Hi, I’m missing SPM support in ewelink cast, unable to add SPM energy meters to the cast screen. Can anything been done on this?