♨ eWeLink Cast Updates: non-VIP users can now create & view dashboards

Thank you for the feedback, we will take it into consideration.

What kind style of weather widget would you like? A picture hints to us will be much appreciated.

On my computer I cannot create dashboards in Firefox, Chrome or Edge. I have shortcuts on all three that block n-essential cookies. On my iPad I can create dashboards. Do you think there is a cookie problem or maybe the security settings are blocking pop ups?

Hi. Every update brings so much more to Cast. Thanks for continuing to develop this great product. I’m wondering if there is currently a way to display fahrenheit for the weather app and ZigBee sensors rather than Celsius. Thanks again. -Steve

Good morning from italy, wonderful the trend of temperature and umidity, but i miss the numeber value of the temperature in the tile…is only my problem? Thank you …

Me too!! After the Casy upgrade to 1.4 version I can’t see temperature & humidity in TH Device box
Please fix it!

Wonderfull Charts with TH info, but will be better a single chart with both information Temperature & Humidity


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Ok… same sotuaction, but i am very happy for the dashboard…

Hi, we haven’t reveived feedback like this, is there any hint or pop up in the web browser? in the address bar or anywhere? if there is, please allow the pop up.

Hi, so the temp&humidity value doesn’t show on your cast dastboard right? can you please send a picture here? by the way does the eWeLink app show values? of not either, please check if the sensor is online.

please let me know the model number, and send a screeshot if possible :grinning:

My TH model is SNZB-02
I found the problem but not solution:
Values in cast box device are in white colour like background… thats the problem why we can’t see values

Yes, we found this issue and are fixing it, will be fixed soon.
by the way, can you please post a picture of this product? or send me the link where you buy it.

Good news!

Now works fine, I can see values!
Thank you and good job!

It would be fine, when the Cast would include also the Sonoff Cams and also the Group-Devices (f.e. if you make a group of 2 LED L1 switches).

And it would be also very nice, if you can share the cast with an own login to your wife or kid or something, that they see and use everything like yourself but are not able to make changes…

hi, my home, you can see the tile without value…

hi, I have attached the screenshot of my main page, unfortunately the tiles with the temperature and humidity data do not display the current value. while the trends are excellent. thanks for your interest

hello, this issue has been fixed, please refresh the page or re-login to check

Yeessssss thank you, now is perfetto!

Thank you for the suggestions, we are working on the Cameras. will consider the group feature.

About the sharing, I suggest to login with your account then give the tablet to your families, as long as they don’t logout manually, the page will always be logged in even if you close the page and re-open. you can login up to 5 devices. If you don’t want kids to switch to other dashboards, try to set PIN code to encrypt the dashboard.

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