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Hello, is there any Plans to make Charts for Temperature and Humidity available from NSPanel, i was thinking to use it for my Heating System and it would be great to have the data in Cast.

Hello! I am “inventing” eWeLink and smart controlling, just in a few days and I am an enthusiast!.. Congrats for the app!

Question: is there any possibility to add virtual devices?

Details: Could be used for supplementary control as “booleans”.

Example: via conditional control of various devices, a task (A) should be triggered, however I may have to prevent it, if another task (B) was triggered during the past hour (no matter how long it lasted p.e. just a few minutes).

Solution: On task (B) triggering I could also turn on a virtual switch (C), set with 60min inching. On conditional checking for triggering task (A) I add as AND operator the ‘off’ status of the virtual switch (C).

Alternative: I know… Buy an actual switch (p.e.Sonoff R2) and use it as above (timer). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, virtual devices or maybe timers could prove quite useful.

Hi , sorry the SPM devices are not supported yet.

Hi, yes, support for NSPanels is planned, will be added in subsequent releases.

Currently no support virtual device feature.
I’ll pass on your requirements to the development team.

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@Teki let’s dig to see if it is possible to have SPM supported.