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Following are the planned version updates and the estimated time:

V1.3 Released on November 1

We have updated eWeLink Cast to version 1.3 and included some new features.
(check this video for quick overview: eWeLink Cast update: Power Consumption Charts available - YouTube)
First, we’ve changed the color of Cast dashboard to a warm one, hope you like it.
(We plan to add the ability to change the background, which has not yet been implemented.)

Added support for the following devices:

  • SONOFF DUAL R3, in previous version Cast supports only Switch Mode, now the Motor Mode and Meter Mode are supported also. You can control your roller shutter right on the Cast dashboard now.
  • eWeLink curtains. Now you can control your curtains/blinds on the Cast dashboard.

New features added:

  • Calendar & Weather widget: Check time, date and recent weather right on the dashboard.
  • Energy Consumption Chart for power monitoring devices: Quickly view the last 7 days of electricity usage.
  • Device icon changeable: Change the icon of your 1-way switch in the eWeLink app and the change will be synced to the Cast dashboard. (In the app, go to device settings, select Display As, currently only 1-channel switch supported)
  • Release note: Added version number to the home page of Cast, click it to view the release note.

Feature optimization:

We have optimized the UI controls for light devices, you can now also drag the brightness bar on the computer web page to dim the light, just like on the tablet.

V1.4 November

Support changing background colors (preset)
Support SONOFF TH devices to display temperature and humidity
Support more devices to display power consumption chart
Support zigbee wireless button (displaying history)
Support some third-party zigbee lights
Optimize the History records of sensors
Other UI optimizations

V1.5 December

Support cameras

The above is the planned updates and estimated time, we will update if changes.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to leave a comment.


Nice would be a integration of eWeLink Camera. Like to have a widget of a camera to see if someone is at the door. :v:

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The camera is on our to-do list :grinning:


It would be nice to have some basic CSS/Styling options…?

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This may require a certain level of user expertise, will discuss with our R&D, maybe in the future.
In the short term we will add the feature of modifying the background. :grinning:

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I recently bought plug + meter (https://es.aliexpress.com/item/1005004427801801.html?spm=a2g0o.order_list.0.0.7d09194d6mp4FF&gatewayAdapt=glo2esp) ( Ewelink-enchufe inteligente con Bluetooth y WIFI, dispositivo con temporizador de 16A, con Monitor de potencia, funciona con Alexa y Google Home) And it works perfectly with eWelink android app, also creating scenes.
But from Web.ewelink can’t see these devices neither create scene or even include this device in any Webhook scene.

Are you planning to support it?

Hi, this device is expected to be supported by eWeLink web scene&webhook next month, around the 9th Nov.

Ciao, avrei due domande da fare:

  1. come mai non riesco ad aggiungere il grafico dei consumi energia?
  2. il sonoff dual r3 in modalità motore anche se spento l’icona risulta accesa, sarebbe più opportuno che l’icona fosse spenta.

Ciao, per la tua domanda:

  1. per ora il grafico del consumo energetico supporta solo alcuni dispositivi, più dispositivi saranno supportati nella prossima versione entro questo mese.
  2. grazie per il tuo feedback, valuteremo la possibilità di ottimizzarlo.

Please add support for dualr3 lite

Thank you

Hi, is it possible to add the following things?

  • possibility to sort the auto scènes
  • possibility to sort triggers and actions commandos for auto scènes , if you want to ad for example a commando between al ready programmed commando’s, it’s not possible
  • possibility to ad delays for hours in auto scènes (the max now is 59 minutes)

It’s on our to-do list, will be supported soon.

Unfortunately, Auto scenes will not be supported in CAST, the CAST is designed as a dashboard for quick control but the auto scenes are run without any touch, sort them in the APP or Web is recommended.

If you’re asking about Cast, the auto scenes won’t be added to the Cast.
If you’re asking about the App scene feature:

  1. the auto scenes sorting feature will be supported in mid December
  2. for the triggers, if you set ‘any conditions is met’ then the sorting feature does not make sense.
    if you set ‘all conditions are met’ ,then the sorting feature does not make sense either.
    for the actions, the action will be executed one by one, wen have no plan for the sorting, we suggest to add actions in order according to your needs.
  3. Currently no plans, it may be inaccurate if it takes too long.

When will the Elite range of devices be available, my older devices now show temp and Hum thank you.

Great improvement! Love it!

and when we can expect consolidated energy spending report on dashboard, not only device-by-device?

in next version, expected to release in early December

hi, we’re considering this, it may take some time, perhaps after one or two release.


Is it already supported?
thank you in advance…