Ewelink Cast Ipad problem

From my Ipad I can no longer open the Ewelink Cast web page, From IPhone and Windows PC I regularly open the Cas web page of my account. What could be the problem?

A bit more info please. Define “Can no longer open the eWeLink Cast webpage”. What exactly do you do and what exactly happens next?

I am attaching a photo, a load takes place but the page is not opened

Maybe you can try another browser on the iPad. Firefox or so. If it works at Firefox then it is an issue of Safari.
On the reverse side you could try Safari in the PC to be sure about whether the issue persists on only the iPad or in Safari on any platform.

with IPhone and Windows PC I regularly open the Cast web page

what’s the model (or year) of your ipad? Some old ipads/tablets may not compatible with the latest web languages/codes

The model of my Ipad is very old, the Cast web page hasn’t opened for me for a few weeks, I have had this problem for 2 weeks

My suspicioin is that you use an outdated browser that can’t be updated anbymore and doesn’t support modern website technics.

the device is an ipad mini 2 with SW 12.5.7, it doesn’t allow me to update Safari and download other modern browsers.

Then I’m afraid it is time to get a new tablet or so…

Take a look to this solution: Cast dashboard on old iPads [iHost]